Why Infrared?

Safety. Reliability. Cost.

No flames, fumes or deadly monoxides. Doesn't create a fire hazard. Safe for children and pets. Energy Efficient Zone Heating: Heats the area you want. No system heat loss.

How Much Money Can I save?

Save Up To 50%

Heat-A-Lot Heaters Reduce Energy Consumption by 35% to 50%. Maintains Balanced Temperatures from Floor to Ceiling without the noticeable "cold pockets".

Satisfaction Guaranteed

3 Year Warranty Standard.
We offer a 5 year Warranty.


Introducing the most environmentally safe and energy efficient heating system on the market today!

The Heat-A-Lot quartz infrared heater has a unique heat exchanger that incorporates a copper lined, low pressure air flow path which eliminates the need for a high pressure fan. This feature offers quiet, high volume air flow through the unit. This technology eliminates the harmful electromagnetic waves produced by conventional heaters. The infrared emitters in the heater feature a stainless steel diffusion coil which enhances the efficiency of the system by as much as 14% over other portable infrared heaters.

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